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A real life case study that demonstrates the power of numerology. A case study involving a horrific event that ushered in the 21st century. An event that you either lived through or talked about. Or both. A case study involving an event that not only continues to shape our lives but was also shaped by events traced back by numerology interconnections to at least the mid-1700s. This is not only a real life case study, but also a first hand account case study. You might not believe in numerology. I didn’t either. I stumbled upon this when I wasn’t even looking for it. But it wasn’t by chance. Experience your numerology breakthrough with this show and tell case study.

My focus with using numerology is to ponder one’s path through life. Are the twists and turns that you experience in life by chance or a predetermined fate? A lot of people do not believe that life is just a bag of coincidences and instead look at life through the lens of logic. This is a topic well beyond the comprehension of most people, including myself. We are conditioned not to believe in events that can not be explained by the laws of science. That’s why I believe that I stumbled, perhaps, upon the answer. When one is near the end of life, it is easy to look back and determine the main highlights, or lowlights of your life. I call these my destinies. As it happens, one of mine was quite easy to determine and to which it was easy to apply the power of numerology.